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After a romantic dinner, join your spouse in that place and begin a new tradition: sitting down for a one-on-one time to focus on each other. Pack a special lunch or dinner and head out to a favorite lake or park.

(You may want to search for "crossword puzzle maker" to locate a website that automatically generates crossword puzzles.) 19. Put a few pictures from your wedding in it, along with notes to one another about why you fell in love.

Create your own "masterpiece" together of a favorite memory while playing romantic music. After an out-of-the-ordinary meal, talk about the hopes and dreams that you have for your life together.

Then repeat your wedding vows out loud to one another and ask God to bless your marriage. About a month before your anniversary, send your spouse on a scavenger hunt.

Carve out time on your anniversary every year to look at the contents of your keepsake box and reminisce about the good times in your marriage. Purchase one of your favorite take-out meals and enjoy it at home together by candlelight. taking a weekend trip to see your spouse's parents, etc. Order matching custom photo coffee mugs with a picture of you and your spouse that represents a special memory. About a week before your anniversary, begin to remind your spouse of your love.

After dinner, give your spouse a dozen notes written on heart-shaped paper. For example, leave a love note on the steering wheel of the car or place a romantic card on a pillow. Without telling your spouse, make hotel reservations for your anniversary.

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